November 26, 2015

Online Workshop for Making your Cattle Management Easier

A complete cattle management solution consists of 3 components – animal identification, weighing, and of course cattle records. Since 1999, ranchers have turned to Cattlesoft to help “put the pieces of the puzzle together” and select the right components to a cattle management system that meets their ranch’s needs.

Since 2010, the store has been your link for animal identification products including custom visual tags, electronic id tags, matched pair tags, and EID readers.

In the fall of 2011, the store was launched which carries a full line of cattle weighing products including indicators, load bars, platforms, and EID readers for connecting to scale indicators.

Partnering with Allflex and Tru-Test, two industry-leading companies with a strong reputation for quality products designed specifically for agriculture, helps ensure a tight integration of weigh scales and EID readers with the CattleMax cattle software.

To help you bring together records, scales, and EID integration, Cattlesoft is hosting a free online workshop “Bringing it all together: Records + Scales + Tags” This workshop discusses the 3 components to a complete cattle management solution including topics on how to have custom tags printed with your ranch’s own numbering, integrating electronic id in your herd, and weighing your cattle with digital scales. And of course how to bring all of this together into CattleMax.

Not able to join this workshop? Additional workshops will be announced soon. Also, feel free to let us know your questions and we would be glad to help, and even setup a day and time to talk with you on the phone about your specific needs.

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  1. It is very applicable to me. It is not easy to learn anything . But I would like to know and wil apply latet.I have over 70 buu in different age.I breed cross with zebu and french holstein since 2004.I use ear tags and breeding records.I kwow i needto a lot. Thanks so much

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