November 25, 2015

Tips for Computerizing your Cattle Records

The days of spiral or pocket notebooks to keep your cattle records are giving way to a variety of improve record keeping solutions, including computer software programs designed specifically for cattle records. As time has passed and more ranchers … [Read more...]

Managing Feed Costs with Nutritional Resource Records

Feed is a primary cost in raising cattle and often determines whether a ranch operates at a profit or a loss. Costs are easier to control if nutritional program records are maintained and used as an operating guide. Nutritional resource records are a … [Read more...]

Keeping Ranch Financial Records has its Benefits

The Christmas season passes by each year without feeling a need to draft resolutions for the New Year. It is in March, when I prepare my income tax return, that resolutions are created. I swear that I will do a better job in keeping my financial … [Read more...]

Meet the First CattleMax Customer

Last weekend at our local Producers Cooperative, Terrell and I ran into Jim Howell, who was the very first CattleMax customer! Hilliard Ranches, which Jim manages, needed a simple way to keep track of their cattle. In 1999, we worked together to … [Read more...]

Increase Profit Potential with Better Record Keeping Practices

The article below was written by Jo Dexter and was originally run in the Braunvieh Association of America's When Profit Matters, a free publication containing tips on managing cow-calf operations for profit. For more information or to sign up for a … [Read more...]

Meet the CattleMax Team

Did you know the CattleMax Team are actual customers who work at their own ranch location? Several years ago we needed additional help for our growing CattleMax customer community. Rather than restrict our search to just the local Bryan/College … [Read more...]

See CattleMax in Action Right on your Computer

Join me for a free online CattleMax workshop this month! One is tonight (Wed, Oct 13th) and the other is Thursday, October 28th. Tonight's workshop starts at 8pm. The workshops usually last about an hour. Simply click a link in the email you'll … [Read more...]

Setting up CattleMax on a New Computer

As producers gear up for the upcoming fall season activities, buying a new computer or changing computers may be in your plans. Here are a few articles to help you with the process of getting CattleMax setup: Information about multiple computers … [Read more...]

CattleMax Online Workshop Schedule for August

If you are just beginning with CattleMax, looking at the trial, or even if you've been working with the software for awhile, participating in our online workshops will help you learn the basics of the software. Watch and listen to a CattleMax … [Read more...]

Participate in a Real-Time CattleMax Demonstration at Your Own Computer

This month's CattleMax online workshop schedule is ready. Join us on Tuesday, July 20, 8-9PM CST or Thursday, July 29, 8-9PM CST (or both) to see and hear about CattleMax right at your own computer! When you sign up for the free workshop, you'll … [Read more...]