November 25, 2015

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Texas Animal Health Commission Announces New Beef Cattle Identification Rules

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has announced new, or an amended rule, effective January 1, 2013 which will affect Texas beef producers selling adult breeding animals in the state. In a press release dated October 4, 2012, the Commission announced rules to enhance the effective traceability of beef cattle movements in Texas, which is […]

Fall Planning for Your Beef Cattle Herd

As we come into the fall season of the year, most of us, as beef cattle raisers, are looking ahead to the winter and making plans to get through that season.  So, what’s involved in your planning? I don’t know if I have all the answers to “fall planning,” but here’s what I try to […]

How important is shade for your cattle?

Last summer (2011) was a “killer” of a season because of the dry weather and high temperatures. In my area (between Abilene and San Angelo, Texas) records were set for the number of consecutive 100 degree + days. At the year’s end, the tally of 100 degree days at San Angelo was 100 days, beating […]

Hay – Grow it or buy it?

In the summer time in Texas, you can always be sure of two things – hot and dry!  So, in early spring each year comes a consideration – should I plant haygrazer to try to produce my own hay for the coming winter, or let someone else worry with growing, cutting and baling and just buy […]

Take her to the Vet – or not?

One of my good, registered cows began to develop a knot on her jaw. I watched it for a couple of days and it just swelled bigger and bigger. It didn’t seem to affect her appetite or her eating ability. In the West Texas area where I farm and ranch, we have prickly pear and […]

Is it Time to Trade in the Old Bull?

Being a small cattle operation has some advantages – and some disadvantages. I get to know my cows, calves and my one bull on a “personal” basis. They each have their own personalities, just like us humans. For instance, cow number 811, a younger cow bred and raised on this farm, is gentle as she […]

Online Workshop for Making your Cattle Management Easier

A complete cattle management solution consists of 3 components – animal identification, weighing, and of course cattle records. Since 1999, ranchers have turned to Cattlesoft to help “put the pieces of the puzzle together” and select the right components to a cattle management system that meets their ranch’s needs. Since 2010, the store has […]

Plans for Replacing Breeding Stock Culled during the Drought

Here in Texas, as most people know, we faced the worst one-year drought in the last 100 years last summer (2011). Many cattle producers liquidated their herds completely because of lack of water, pasture and the high cost of feed and hay. I, personally, culled and sold 30% of my breeding cows. I was lucky, […]